For over 25 years, our diverse passion for the automotive vehicle  has driven us to gain extensive knowledge in the preparation, restoration, modification and performance development  of vehicles for the road & track.

We take pride in the work we undertake.  Whether it is to restore an early 19th century vintage car, mid century classic or muscle car back to its original pristine condition, assembly or modification  of hot rods and kit cars,  customizing a vehicle to your own unique needs,  or rebuild,  manufacture or develop a pristine state of the art  race vehicle for a manufacturer, race team or state-level racer, our objective is not to do just our best, but to provide our customers service and workmanship to a professional level and to make your dream car a reality.

Our workshop based in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong provides the following motorsport services - Race Car PreparationRace Car Setup & Trackside EngineeringAdvanced Data Logging & AnalysisShock Absorber & Damper Testing, Servicing & Development3D CAD Services Manufacturing