Shock Damper Tuning

We have 17 years experience with shock/damper tuning for motorsport application. We can service the following branded shocks - Ohlins, Penske, Sachs, Koni, Fox, Nitron, Dynamics and many more. We can dyno test all brands and styles from many motorsport vehicles and automotive applications.

​Our past experience has assisted our clients to help design unique developments parts to enhance the operation of the shock absorbers using shock dynos manufactured by Roehrig, SPA and Multimatic Hydraulic Units.

​We can specific specific damping curves dependant on the vehicle or track characteristics. The curves can be either linear, digressive, progressive or regressive in either compression or rebound.

​Our recently arrived Maxwell Industries shock dyno allows us to measure and check suspension spring rates, measure bump rubbers and fine tune them to a specific rate.

​We can also adapt the shock dyno to other parts that are spring loaded in there operation for maintenance checks or modifications (eg - clutch pressure plates).  An initial setup fee may apply for jig work for certain items.

We are proud to be the Australian Dealer for Maxwell Industries Shock Dyno Equipment and provide a service and support program for there equipment. For all sales enquiries contact us and leave your details & we will reply within 48 hours.​​

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